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Your school’s behaviour data will inevitably show that the same pupils sometimes behave very differently with different staff. This is not only a result of the teacher’s relationship with the class, but also stems from the manner in which minor challenges are handled.

This unit sets out a planned set of responses working on a scale from least to most intrusive.

These approaches enable staff to reassert positive expectations and correct inappropriate behaviour while ensuring that lessons are undisrupted.

Aims and outcomes

  • Deal effectively with low level disruption.
  • Maintain their own and their pupils’ dignity.
  • Tackle inappropriate behaviour while protecting lesson flow.

Unit contents

  • Introduction
  • Maintaining classroom discipline
  • Responses to low level disruption
  • Practical strategies
  • Supporting positive behaviour
  • Re-write the script
  • Plenary

Unit content

Unit 2: Responding effectively to low-level disruption