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Staff who develop productive, positive relationships with pupils are well placed to bring out the best in them. Where boundaries and routines are established and calmly asserted, pupils are free to take risks in their learning and to achieve more independently.

Many staff are troubled by low level disruption. They sometimes blame the pupils and request more punitive sanctions. However, the answers can usually be found in their own behaviour.

This unit, therefore, goes back to basics to help participants identify how purposeful relationships are built with pupils, what effect consistent routines have on pupil behaviour and how the climate for learning that they create has a crucial effect on engagement.

It is vital to establish these principles with staff before addressing the strategies for responding to inappropriate behaviour in Unit 2.

Aims and objectives

  • Consider their own values and beliefs about pupil behaviour.
  • Examine the effect of their own behaviour and how they can control it.
  • Identify behaviours for learning that they can teach.
  • Learn strategies for teaching these positive behaviours for learning to improve behaviour across the whole school.

Unit contents

  • Introduction
  • Beliefs about behaviour
  • Whole-school behaviour
  • Behaviour management vs behaviour leadership
  • Behaviour for learning
  • Positive behaviours
  • Plenary

Unit content

Unit 1: Promoting positive behaviour for learning