Course Type: 
Group and Self Study

Successful Middle Leadership

Support middle leaders to develop essential skills and clarify responsibilities

How to use this course

This course is comprised of 5 units and is aimed at both current and aspiring middle leaders.

The individual units last between 1 hour and 90 minutes on average.

Present these separately at staff meetings, or as a series to form a training day.

Author and trainer

Edward Gildea

Equip middle leaders to meet challenges such as managing change, leading teaching and learning, appraising colleagues and dealing with conflict.

Show how different leadership styles and coaching techniques can be applied in a range of situations. This course will boost confidence, rehearse skills and enable your new and aspiring middle leaders to:

  • understand the roles and relationships within their team and establish reasonable expectations
  • employ a range of leadership styles appropriate to different situations
  • improve performance using coaching techniques that allow them to challenge staff while maintaining a supportive and creative relationship
  • make informed judgements about performance which will impact on colleagues’ pay
  • run productive meetings with strong chairmanship and a facilitation approach
  • develop strategies to lead change effectively, using consultation techniques to win ‘buy in’ and ownership
  • understand key principles of conflict management and their role in formal procedures
  • foster inspirational leadership skills of professional reflection, negotiating ambitious goals and targets, innovation and risk taking and honest evaluation.

Written by Edward Gildea, author of Tackling Staff Underperformance, this course is packed with practical exercises to improve leadership skills.

"Optimus Education's Successful Middle Leadership training materials - written by Edward Gildea - have been a very useful resource for staff training within my school.  They have been (and continue to be) particularly relevant whilst creating a new leadership team and for the induction of staff to new roles within the school.  We found that we could dip in and out of the structure in a very flexible and reflective way.  The materials are straightforward but thought provoking and presented in a style that is accessible to all staff including the non-teaching members of my team."

Headteacher, Mont à l'Abbé School