Unit 5: Sustaining a wellbeing culture

1-2 hours

A conglomerate of the learning from the previous units providing a clear ‘going forward’ plan with practical advice and guidelines supporting healthy change.

Session overview
Assistant head, Deputy head, Headteacher
Primary, Secondary

Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • evaluate long-term objectives
  • assess whole-school and personal priorities
  • explore effective energy and time management
  • examine wellbeing sustainability.

Rationale and context

Managing time and energy are two of the greatest challenges in teaching. It is not just workload that generates pressure and increases demand on mental and physical human resources. The emotional demands of managing behaviour, supporting pupil welfare and presenting engaging lessons are all highly demanding energetically. This unit serves to further develop staff wellbeing and engagement, to cultivate awareness of what can be done to improve the unspoken (flog yourself to death) work culture and create opportunities for inclusive idea generation for whole-school wellbeing.

A thriving school has ‘flourishing’ teachers and pupils. This unit offers strategies to explore how best to prioritise, manage teaching, planning and personal time and sustain energy levels appropriately. All suggestions are simply that. There are no hard and fast rules about what is best to implement. It is crucial to adapt the training to meet your school agendas and the unique needs of your staff, pupils and school environment.