Step 2: Unfreakability

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(20 min)

Trainer notes

Invite the whole group to close their eyes and imagine what an unfreakable teacher looks like. Ask them to visualise their body language, facial expression, vocal intonation and volume, attire and presence. Invite them to open their eyes and give them each a sticky note to write their key words for the unfreakable teacher.

Ask a volunteer to stand at the front of the room as the unfreakable teacher ‘model’. Ask participants to mould the model into the unfreakable teacher using body language gestures, such as

  • standing upright,
  • centred,
  • equally weighted,
  • smile on face,
  • arms open,
  • palm facing up,
  • happy eyes,
  • frown free.

Ask participants to call out the qualities of the teacher. Write these on a flipchart.

Play the Kung Fu Panda clip about present moment awareness (slide 4). Open comments from the floor.