Actions and impact

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What’s next?

Ask participants to pair up into wellbeing buddies. Remind them that this involves ‘checking in’ with each other – ensuring they are taking care of themselves. Advise them to take the role of a practical supporter  by offering/receiving advice. This is not meant to be onerous or seen as one more duty; rather it is an informal support mechanism to help the SLT feel supported and cared for without the need for formal intervention.

Take away Handout 4.1: Making changes, and contemplate their next steps and what might stop them.

You can follow up this unit by…

  • implementing Handout 4.2: Simple actions steps
  • distributing Audio 4.1: The Power Breath for staff to practise.

Alternative/additional development activity

Explore the possibility of setting up a wellbeing forum. One member of the SLT to lead this if the SLT wish to build on the foundations laid in this training.

What’s changed?

Evaluate the impact of the training unit. Ask participants to complete the evaluation form or simply discuss the progress they are making.

Before closing:

  • Set date and time for next training. Suggest a two-week interval.
  • Thank your team for their full participation.

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