Unit 4: Solution strategies

1-2 hours

Empower yourself and your colleagues with practical wellbeing strategies that guarantee personal and professional support.

Session overview
Assistant head, Deputy head, Headteacher
Primary, Secondary

Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • unearth the underlying problems that trigger stress in the school
  • assess the coping strategies already in place
  • explore alternative wellbeing strategies
  • investigate ‘Unfreakability’ and what that looks like in a teacher
  • discover the secrets of 'power breathing'.

Rationale and context

Due to the nature of school assessing, teaching evaluation and incessant measuring, teachers often experience strong feelings of powerlessness and feel ignored, not listened to and therefore feel disrespected as a profession. This unit attempts to readdress the balance.

All staff enjoy recognition and like to feel their opinion counts. Everyone likes to be heard and appreciates a pat on the back for hard work and a job well done. This unit offers a rare opportunity for fresh conversations to be shared and for individual voices to contribute to a new paradigm: whole-school wellbeing.

This unit offers staff a constructive space to address the issues that potentially prevent teachers from being well and staying well. It opens important dialogue between the SLT and other staff members by dissolving the perceived (and actual) hierarchy in the school as personal wellbeing issues are explored.

It is imperative that teachers are resourced with practical internal skills that can support them before, during and after a lesson. By clarifying what might be stopping staff from being proactive in their self-care, the SLT can support themselves and their staff by encouraging healthy initiatives to develop flourishing teachers.