Step 6: Personal strategies and plenary

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(15 min)

Trainer notes

Explain that coping strategies are as unique as our stress responses. Everyone will have a preferred coping strategy. Ask them to call a few out – a glass of wine, a hot bath, walking the dog.

Divide suggested strategies into two categories:

  • Healthy/supportive
  • Unhealthy/unsupportive

Note on a flipchart. Invite participants to consider exploring strategies in the healthy/supportive column.

To begin a new wellbeing way of life in school, explain that you are going to close with a treat for their bodies! Choose a physical activity that you know your staff will participate in. Suggestions include

  • a massage train,
  • a simple dance,
  • a series of stretches
  • and a ‘shake out’ tension exercise.

If you have a PE or dance specialist ask them prior to the unit to prepare and lead a fun five minute stress reliever with some loud upbeat music such as James Brown’s I feel good! Be encouraging. Have fun. This will help build rapport and develop a new approach to whole-school wellbeing.


Give participants a few moments to share with a partner and then group-share the benefits of doing the unit and addressing the issue of stress in school. Remember to take photographs of all flipcharts from this unit for future planning.