This unit aims to expose the challenges of change and its implementation. It highlights the potential of real, perceived or imagined stress that implementing change can evoke.

There is an opportunity for enhanced understanding about responses to stress and the development of healthy coping strategies.

Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • appreciate the impact and influence the senior leadership team (SLT) have on staff performance
  • understand that change can be experienced as a stressor or stimulator
  • explore the main stressors in your school
  • consider the possible staff perception that senior leaders are generators of stress for staff and how best to address this
  • prepare for a whole-staff wellbeing audit.

Unit content

  • Review and SLT influence 
  • Staff stressors 
  • Appreciation obstacles 
  • Perceptions of change 
  • Impact and plenary 

Group study section

  • Download the trainer notes, presentation and handouts at the bottom of this page.
  • Read through the content before delivering to participants.
  • Consider how to make the additional reading available to participants after the session.

Unit content

Unit 2: Leading change