Unit 1: School ethos and policy

1-2 hours

Understand your own personal levels of stress as headteacher and SLT in order to empathise with and constructively support staff under stress.

Session overview
Assistant head, Deputy head, Headteacher
Primary, Secondary

Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • investigate and understand stress
  • recognise what triggers stress
  • consider the working environment in your school
  • consider the wellbeing ethos
  • evaluate what has recently changed (for better or worse)
  • consider what measures there are already in place to anticipate and reduce apparent, potential and genuine stress levels in your staff.

Rationale and context

Leading by example is the best way to encourage ‘buy-in’ from staff. It provides skills to develop personal and professional wellbeing strategies.

Great leaders

  • listen
  • are compassionate
  • communicate considerately
  • and understand how best to support staff to excel in school, perform to high standards and engage effectively.

The relationship between the SLT and staff can make or break achievement.

Honesty, humility and sensitive communication are required if genuine wellbeing measures are to be effectively implemented and sustained. The headteacher and SLT play a pivotal role to guarantee a fit and flourishing workforce. Developing their social and emotional literacy will help them appreciate the needs of staff.