With teachers’ workloads spiralling out of control, a renewed pressure from Government reforms and increasingly demanding Ofsted inspections, there has never been a greater need for schools to prioritise staff wellbeing.

Beyond the associated health risks, it is essential that staff are physically and mentally prepared if the school is to meet its obligations.

This course contains practical solutions and suggestions for promoting staff wellbeing; from coping strategies and techniques, to identifying and dealing with the root causes of a stressful workplace in a whole-school approach.

The course also makes use of video stimulus materials featuring school staff and wellbeing professionals; these are designed to guide participants through the associated tasks and deliver practical and informative wellbeing advice.

Aims and outcomes

This course will enable you to:

  • make use of techniques to manage your own work-related stress
  • formulate strategies with your peers to reduce stress and build resilience
  • analyse your school's working environment and ethos and identify possible improvements
  • assist with creating a sustainable wellbeing culture in your school.

Course content


Kathryn is an experienced teacher trainer specialising in reducing stress in schools and promoting well being and emotional resilience for teachers and pupils