Study type: 
Group study,
Self study

SEND Inclusive Teaching Programme

Download practical training courses on supporting pupils with specific needs in the mainstream classroom

How to make the most of this course

  1. Choose from self-study and ‘download and deliver’ options.
  2. Make use of the associated reading and resources to supplement and deepen your learning.
  3. Spend time self-reflecting on what has been learned and how it will affect your practice.
  4. Be flexible - select only the core units that meet the needs of your teachers to develop and embed an inclusive school environment.

Writers and trainers

Gareth D MorewoodElizabeth Burns and William Baginsky

The Code of Practice 2015 places more responsibility than ever on teachers for the progress of all pupils in the classroom, including pupils with SEND.

Often the training for classroom teachers on different types of SEND and how they affect learning can be sparse. In addition, teaching assistants and SLT, as well as teachers, must be aware of practical techniques for overcoming barriers to learning and supporting these pupils to make progress.

This flexible training programme offers a pick ‘n’ mix approach to training for your school. Identify the key challenges your teachers face and select the units which most meet your needs.

Benefits of delivering this course to your teaching staff

  • Develop an inclusive whole-school environment, where the needs of all pupils are carefully considered.
  • Gain deeper understanding of a range of common special educational needs.
  • Know how to support pupils in the classroom and overcome their barriers to learning