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When abuse is reported, it is vital that it is dealt with in a timely and appropriate way. As the reporter of abuse, the last thing you want is for the report to 'get lost' due to poor reporting, recording or sharing of information.

To ensure that all abuse disclosures are reviewed effectively, clear procedures must be in place.

Aims and outcomes

  • Identify sources of information, advice and support about what to do if you have a concern or a child discloses abuse to you.
  • Explain what to write down about your concerns or a disclosure.
  • Clarify reporting procedures: understand your school's reporting plan and how to follow it properly.
  • Clarify recording procedures: know what forms to fill out, and when and how to ensure information is recorded appropriately.
  • Clarify sharing and security of records: remember how important it is to maintain confidentiality and share information on a need-to-know basis.

This unit will introduce you to recording and reporting abuse.

Unit content

Unit 3: Reporting, recording and sharing