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Safeguarding Whole-School Programme

How to use this programme

This programme - designed for all members of teaching staff, support staff and volunteers - is made up of seven units.

You can choose from self-study or 'download and deliver' options on the unit pages.

Some options include:

  • completing the seven core content units as part of a half-day inset session
  • selecting individual units to target a specific issue, either to deliver to a group or for personal CPD.

Make use of the associated reading and resources to supplement and deepen your learning.

Your duty to safeguard pupils is paramount.

Keeping Children Safe states that ‘all staff members should receive appropriate child protection training which is regularly updated’.

Download or work through our practical, interactive training materials - developed with child protection expert Ann Raymond - to ensure new and existing staff develop a genuine understanding of the role they play in safeguarding pupils.

Download the full course programme

Aims and outcomes

  • Bring all staff up-to-date: ensure that all school staff understand the latest safeguarding legislation and your school’s procedures.
  • Identify safeguarding concerns: clarify how staff can identify and assess the seriousness of safeguarding concerns.
  • Clarify reporting and recording procedures: show staff how they can play a key role in safeguarding pupils through timely reporting and information sharing.
  • Maintain a safe staff body: support staff to develop and maintain a safe working environment, and protect themselves from allegations.

Before you begin

Read the pre-briefing handout to:

  • clarify the context surrounding safeguarding
  • gain specific guidance on delivering the training
  • know how to use the pack flexibly.

Plus, remember to personalise the presentation to meet your school’s needs before you deliver it - all personalisations are highlighted in red.

NOTE: In May 2018 the DfE published a new iteration of the safeguarding statutory guidance, 'Keeping children safe in education' (KCSIE). This includes additional information for all staff and clarification on issues such as peer-on-peer abuse, the use of reasonable force and the single central record. We have summarised the main five updates here and also updated the self-study and download and deliver courses accordingly.

The updates that have been made to the content here are not exhaustive and it is therefore advised that you familiarise yourself with the changes that have been made to the 'Keeping children safe in education' (KCSIE) guidance which can be found here, all changes are outlined in Annex H within the document.

Writers and trainers

Ann Raymond and William Baginsky