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Developing everyday classroom habits for effective learning and questioning is all very well. However, such habits need to have a demonstrable, sustainable impact on pupils’ learning.

During this course, you have been reflecting on and experimenting with some effective classroom techniques to raise the game in questioning.

The impact and outcomes of such practice will be captured through your school’s ongoing self-evaluation processes, which focus on not only what you are doing, why and how, but which also home in on an answer to the ‘so what …?’ question.

This unit encourages you to explore your ‘so what …?’ of effective questioning.

Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • share the outcomes of their classroom experiments after Unit 3
  • analyse and develop a questioning code of practice to support the monitoring and evaluation ofeffective use of questioning to challenge
  • know more about what is working well and how to build on it to make sustainable improvements,linked to your school’s overall impact-monitoring, self-evaluation processes
  • commit to putting what they have learned into practice.

Unit contents

  • Warm up activity
  • Reflecting on impact
  • Turning into questions
  • A code of practice
  • Reflections, and Where now?
  • Round up activity

Unit content

Unit 4: Impact on learning