This course provides a clear outline of how colleagues can make better use of questions in their classrooms, how they can incorporate questions into their planning and how they can create a classroom environment in which pupils are comfortable to take risks with their learning.

Aims and outcomes

This course will give participants the skills to:

  • understand questioning - identify the different roles questions play in learning
  • develop pupils - tease out pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills through effective questioning
  • plan for questions - master the art of planning key questions which link with learning objectives and success criteria
  • differentiate learning - ensure that all pupils are effectively challenged through questions which support differentiation
  • gain day-to-day techniques - practice proven techniques which work in the 'everyday' classroom.

Course content

  • Unit 1: Why? Effective questioning
    • Unit 2: How? Effective questioning 1
      • Unit 3: How? Effective questioning 2
        • Unit 4: Impact on learning


          Yvonne Lewington has a wealth of teaching, training and school improvement experience across primary, middle and secondary schools. She works with schools, local authorities and other organisations to support school improvement, change management...

          Ann Bridgland is a trainer, adviser and writer, working extensively with, in and for schools: