Study type: 
Group study

Questioning for Challenge

Equip your colleagues with the essential skills to ask effective questions which promote higher-order thinking and expand their knowledge, understanding and skills.

How to use this course

Each of the four units in this course lasts around 90 minutes. 

Use the units as part of a series to have the greatest impact on classroom practice.

It is possible to select individual units and run them as standalone sessions if this is more appropriate.

Author and trainer

Ann Bridgland

This course provides a clear outline of how colleagues can make better use of questions in their classrooms, how they can incorporate questions into their planning and how they can create a classroom environment in which pupils are comfortable to take risks with their learning.

Questioning for Challenge will give participants the skills to:

  • understand questioning - identify the different roles questions play in learning
  • develop pupils - tease out pupils' knowledge, understanding and skills through effective questioning
  • plan for questions - master the art of planning key questions which link with learning objectives and success criteria
  • differentiate learning - ensure that all pupils are effectively challenged through questions which support differentiation
  • gain day-to-day techniques - practice proven techniques which work in the 'everyday' classroom.

Written by able, gifted & talented expert Ann Bridgeland, this course includes practical advice for embedding effective questioning techniques into every classroom across your school.