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The key purpose of this unit is to brief key stakeholders on arrangements for teacher appraisal and capability. For governors, it is about understanding and agreeing revised school policy. For the senior team, the unit will lead to a discussion about the appraisal cycle and an understanding of the exceptional circumstances when capability proceedings take over from the appraisal process.

This unit uses information from the following publications or documents:

  • the DfE’s arrangements for teacher appraisal and capability
  • the DfE model policy for teacher appraisal and capability
  • the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures .

This unit provides a factual presentation on appraisal of teachers and capability regulations. Teachers meeting the Teachers’ Standards will continue to be acknowledged for their good work. Their appraisal conversation, reviewing and confirming that they have met their targets, will enable them to be recommended by their appraiser for pay progression.

Aims and outcomes

  • The school becomes fully aware of its statutory teacher appraisal duties, which have been effective since September 2012.
  • Governors and the senior leadership team understand capability regulations and are able to implement when necessary.
  • Governors and senior leadership team are aware of any changes needed and can revise school policy on appraisal and capability to suit the school’s own circumstances.

Unit contents

  • Background
  • Inadequate teachers
  • Questions and implications
  • Policy writing and consultation
  • Plenary

Unit content

Unit 1: Teacher appraisal and capability regulation