Course Type: 
Group Study

Peer Observation

Easy-to-deliver training materials to improve teaching and learning through effective coll​aboration

How to use this course

Each unit in this course lasts around 90 minutes.

They should be run as a series over the course of one or two terms to ensure they have the greatest impact on practice.

Author and trainer

John Blanchard

Peer observation is a form of action research, driven by colleagues who want to work together on a chosen focus. It’s a powerful way of enabling staff to take ownership of and responsibility for developing their teaching. It provides the opportunity for teachers and teaching assistants to work together to think about what they do, what works well, and what might work even better.

But how do you make it work in practice? How do you facilitate it effectively? How do you ensure it has a positive impact on staff and pupils and supports school improvement? This training course will equip you to:

  • establish the purpose and structure of your peer observation programme
  • make it an integral part of your school development plan and CPD
  • train colleagues in planning, carrying out and feeding back on a peer observation
  • consider what’s changed as a result of peer observation
  • develop a culture of reflection and collaboration in your school.

Written by teaching, learning and assessment expert John Blanchard, this course makes use of video case studies, example observation models and a structured approach to discussion.