Study type: 
Group study

Mastery Learning and Assessment

Mastery involves planning for all pupils to achieve an expected standard. For mastery lessons to really work though, staff need to be skilled up.

How to use these materials

  1. Download and deliver the specific units needed to a group of participants.
  2. Make use of the extension activities and further suggested resources to sustain learning.
  3. Review related materials such as our assessment without levels course.


Lynn Knapp

The mastery approach to teaching has been attracting increasing interest from both primary and secondary schools.

With the promise of high-performing educational jurisdictions such as Shanghai and Singapore, many schools are looking to how they can incorporate ideas from mastery methods of teaching.

Mastery means, though, that teachers need to plan lessons and activities very differently; it also requires them to be comfortable with a form of assessment that excepts all pupils to eventually reach a certain level of proficiency.

Use these training materials to introduce key ideas about mastery and get to grips with mastery assessment.