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The aim of this unit is to increase key responsibility holders’ knowledge and confidence in the area of child neglect, the implications of policy documents and the role the school should play in supporting children.

Unit 5 includes a reminder of the school’s statutory responsibilities and promotes a whole-school approach to managing cases of neglect. It addresses a range of topics including assessing risk, working with neglectful parents, the provision of early help and the school’s contribution to multi-agency cooperation.

This is an important unit for any staff member who is tasked with receiving reports about neglect from front-line staff and making decisions about monitoring and action.

Aims and outcomes

  • Discover key facts about neglect.
  • Explain the school’s statutory responsibilities.
  • Discuss the impact of cases of neglect on the school.
  • Provide practical advice on managing cases of neglect, including managing relationships with parents.
  • Explore the process from the offer of early help to making a referral to Children’s Social Care.

Unit content

  • Introduction
  • Managing individual cases
  • Activity guides – Assessing risk, early help and action plans
  • Summing up

Unit content

Unit 5: A seminar for senior managers and nominated safeguarding governors