Study type: 
Group study

Managing Neglect

Managing neglect and ‘lower level’ concerns

How to use this course

This course is divided into 5 units.

Units 1 to 4 should be delivered as a series of 45 minutes to 1 hour sessions, or together as half of an Inset day. They are suitable for all school staff.

Unit 5 is for senior staff in school and lasts around 1 hour.

Author and trainer

Ann Raymond

Provide staff with concise, up-to-date information about the indicators and impact of neglect.

This vital course offers practical advice and strategies for supporting pupils and managing cases of neglect, as well as promoting a whole-school approach that supports staff to work with parents and outside agencies to get the best possible support for the child.

This course will help you, your staff and governors to:

  • understand indicators of neglect to be able to identify warning signs
  • provide effective early intervention and timely support to pupils who are neglected
  • understand the importance of detailed recording of concerns to show patterns
  • offer practical and effective support to neglected children, including direct communication
  • carry out effective risk assessments
  • develop tools to effectively communicate and work with neglectful parents
  • cooperate with other agencies to develop support for children and families
  • know and meet your school’s statutory requirements
  • promote a whole-school approach to managing cases of neglect.

This course meets wider aims in terms of keeping child protection on your staff training agenda. It will help you to:

  • promote a proactive approach to safeguarding in your school
  • raise staff awareness, build confidence and develop child protection skills
  • encourage staff to be responsible for taking appropriate action.