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GDPR in a Nutshell

This course will provide you with an overview and supporting resources regarding GDPR legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act (DPA). The GDPR significantly changes the way every school collects, manages and stores data in school and failure to comply will result in large fines.

This training course will ensure all school staff are equipped with the essential knowledge and information about what the GDPR means to them as individuals, and what whole-school changes need to be implemented. Units 3 and 4 of the course provide the school leadership team with valuable practical resources to ensure every school is GPDR-compliant.

How to use this programme: 

This training programme is designed to provide an overview of the GDPR for the whole school.

  • Units 1 and 2 are suited to all school staff, teaching and non-teaching.
  • Units 3 and 4 are aimed specifically at the Senior Leadership Team/Data Protection Officer and look in more detail at the practical steps needed to appoint a DPO, ensuring that their school is GDPR-compliant.


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Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • Learn about Data Protection and the GDPR and the key changes that have come into effect since 25th May 2018.
  • Understand what the GDPR means for your school and the effect it will have on school policies, processes and culture.
  • Appreciate the benefits of a single compliance document as an essential tool to take you the necessary practical steps to becoming GDPR-compliant.
  • Learn about the role of a Data Protection Officer and guidance on appointing a DPO in your school.

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