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For learning to be effective, pupils need to be actively involved.

As well as collating data to track pupil progress and encouraging pupils to reflect on their own work to identify areas for improvement, teachers should listen to pupil feedback.

This unit will allow senior leaders to effectively set out the case for the use of pupil voice to colleagues, and guide them towards developing this practice.

Aims and outcomes

This unit enables participants to:

  • understand the benefits: realise the anticipated benefits of using pupil voice as a vehicle for improving teaching and learning
  • explore responses and approaches: consider the ways that pupil voice can be utilised and how to interpret feedback
  • develop a tailored approach: collaborate across departments to develop the best approach for the school and individuals.

Unit contents

  • Why pupil voice?
  • Rationale for using pupil voice
  • Having a clear purpose
  • Mechanisms for gathering feedback
  • Responding to feedback
  • Plenary

Unit content

Unit 2: Introduction for staff