It is the duty of all staff within education to protect and promote the wellbeing of their students, but what about the staff themselves?

This course explores self-care and how to identify what works for you. It guides you through the process of how to look after your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and encourages you to put in place small changes that can make a big difference to your lifestyle.

Headteachers and their staff teams are under increasing pressure to perform at a higher academic level, with fewer resources. As the academic pressure increases, there is less time in schools for creativity, social interaction and reflection. With increasing numbers of experienced teachers leaving the profession, or leaving to work abroad, it is evident that stress and anxiety levels within staff teams are rising.

Newly qualified teachers are unused to the high levels of pressure in the profession and they receive very little information about pupils’ emotional wellbeing and even less about their own. Schools have begun to spend funds on staff wellbeing but taking time out of school to attend specific training courses is becoming less viable, with rising costs of supply cover and the feeling that time away from school is increasingly difficult.

Aims and outcomes

  • Discover the theoretical background to self-care.
  • Recognise patterns of behaviour and why this is important for self-care.
  • Identify a self-care baseline.
  • Take a detailed look at physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Learn how to become more aware of the need for self-care.
  • Be able to promote positive change and to implement effective self-care.

Course content

  • Unit 1: The story behind self-care
  • Unit 2: Self-care baseline
  • Unit 3: Physical self-care
  • Unit 4: Mental care
  • Unit 5: Bring the change


Joanna Feast is a consultant, writer, trainer and teacher who specialises in supporting schools with PSHE, wellbeing and outdoor learning. She is also an exercise therapist and instructor.