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This is the third unit on lesson planning and follows closely from Unit 2, which was about differentiation. In that unit many of the ideas were underpinned by Vygotsky’s theories. 

In this unit we draw on some of the ideas of Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the originator of the concept of ‘flow’ and maintain our key focus on Rosenshine’s Ten Principals.


Participants will:

  • have a raised awareness of barriers to learning and where SEND and EAL fits.
  • have a clear understanding of how success criteria can be used to support the learning.
  • understand the difference between learning outcomes and steps to success.
  • know how success criteria support the differentiation in the lesson.


  • Barriers to learning
  • Success criteria
  • Approaches to success criteria

Unit content

Unit 3: Success criteria