Study type: 
Group study,
Self study

Differentiation in Practice

Ensure appropriate levels of challenge for all learners to enhance progress

How to use this programme

  1. You can do units in any order or even combine activities from different units in order to create a personalised experience. Each of the four units lasts around one hour.

  2. Choose from self-study and ‘download and deliver’ options depending on your circumstances.

  3. The units in this course are tailored to meet the needs of different colleagues depending on their level of experience in the classroom. Select the appropriate unit for the individual teachers involved.

  4. Make use of associated resources to supplement and deepen your learning, and ensure participants document their progress after units.



Julie McGrane

Differentiation is a high-profile teaching strategy, but its quality and impact are hugely variable.

This training programme shows busy teachers how to personalise and differentiate learning effectively, in ways that raise standards and close the achievement gap - without placing unrealistic demands on planning time.

The course is written in a bitesize way to help you target the aspect of differentiation and challenge your school needs to focus on. For a full overview of the programme, click on the image below.

Aims and outcomes

  • Help teachers and school leaders diagnose areas for improvement in differentiation practice.
  • Radically improve teaching by providing strategies to help teachers respond to learning as it unfolds in the classroom.
  • Increase teacher confidence and reduce workload with tools to plan effectively for differentiation prior to a lesson.
  • Support senior and middle leaders to lead professional learning around differentiation and challenge.

Putting it into practice

Julie recently ran a webinar on how to ensure that your usage of this course is as effective as it can be. 

Watch the webinar and find out how you can make best use of this course, and ensure that it has a positive impact on the practice taking place in your organisation.