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There are times when a teacher’s observed practice may give rise to concerns.

This can make developmental observation tricky as the line between development and performance management can become blurred.

Schools will have different views on this issue, depending on their performance management policies, but if trust is to be maintained, ground rules need to be agreed and observers need to feel confident that they can deal with issues should they arise and observed teachers need to be secure in knowing that there will be ‘no surprises’.

Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • have an agreed understanding of when a more robust response to observed practice might be needed
  • be equipped with strategies to use when they observe performance that needs to be improved quickly.

Unit contents

  • Introduction
  • Securing access
  • Boundaries
  • Issue recognition
  • Airing concerns
  • Planning improvements
  • Plenary

Unit content

Unit 6: Improvement planning