Used well, observation is a powerful tool for improving teaching and learning.

Use this course to develop understanding of why lesson observation matters, extend knowledge of observation and feedback strategies, and improve questioning and feedback skills.

Aims and outcomes

  • Develop a whole-school approach to collaborative observation, giving teachers the opportunity to learn from others with contrasting experience and styles.
  • Develop questioning and target setting skills that will enhance observation and feedback.
  • Foster a reflective workforce using self-observation.
  • Support rapid improvement with strategies for tackling observed underperformance.
  • Encourage teachers to work together to investigate and improve a specific aspect of classroom technique using the Lesson Study approach.

Course content

  • Unit 1: Why observe?
    • Unit 2: Observation and feedback
      • Unit 3: Refining observation and feedback
        • Unit 4: Reviewing and evaluating learning
          • Unit 5: Lesson Study
            • Unit 6: Improvement planning


              Loic Menzies is Director of the ‘think-and-action tank’ LKMco, an Associate Tutor for Canterbury Christ Church University’s Faculty of Education and a trustee of the charity Changemakers. He was previously Associate Senior Manager and Head of...