Study type: 
Group study

Developmental Lesson Observation

Build capacity for teacher improvement through increased self-awareness and better observation skills

How to use this course

Each of the six units in this course lasts around 75 minutes. 

The first four units are designed to be run as a series, each one building on previous skills.

Units 5 and 6 can be run as individual sessions, or as part of the whole course depending on how much time is available.

See the course map for more detail.

Author and trainer

Loic Menzies


Used well, observation is a powerful tool for improving teaching and learning. Use this course to develop understanding of why lesson observation matters, extend knowledge of observation and feedback strategies, and improve questioning and feedback skills.

This course will enable you to:

  • develop a whole-school approach to collaborative observation, giving teachers the opportunity to learn from others with contrasting experience and styles
  • develop questioning and target setting skills that will enhance observation and feedback
  • foster a reflective workforce using self-observation
  • support rapid improvement with strategies for tackling observed underperformance
  • encourage teachers to work together to investigate and improve a specific aspect of classroom technique using the Lesson Study approach.

For a full overview of the programme, click on the image below.

Drawing on author Loic Menzies’ experiences of working with trainee and new teachers, this course will equip you to embed a collaborative, developmental approach to observation across your school.