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Professional development should be at the core of what schools do. If we're serious about improving outcomes for learners, then we have to continually improve the quality of our teaching.

Coaching is a crucial process for bridging the gap between training and implementation. This unit focuses on how to build in coaching to your CPD strategy and what will make coaching sessions successful.

This resource is suitable for anyone with responsibility for leading professional development, who is experienced in their position and looking to refine their work. It applies to both primary and secondary contexts: if you're interested in planning CPD better and developing a vision, this is for you.

Most of the activities can be done on screen, but we also suggest opportunities for you to collaborate and discus with colleagues.

aims and outcomes

  • Identify the features of effective coaching within a CPD strategy and the applications for your context.
  • Outline the ingredients of a successful coaching session and some useful approaches for preparation and follow-up.
  • Reflect on your own skills as a coach and identify several ways to develop yourself going forward.
  • Ensure that coaching will be well focused on participants’ needs and working context, so that it engages and motivates them to develop.
  • Plan and professionally deliver coaching, so that staff receive a high-quality learning opportunity through your CPD.

Unit content

Unit 3: Developing coaching