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Self study

CPD Leadership: Strategy

For experienced CPD leaders, professional development means more than delivery. This course covers the strategy, impact evaluation and coaching skills needed for an outstanding programme.

How to use this programme

  1. These are self-study resources for you to work through at your own pace. Complete the core units over a term OR select individual units to target a specific issue. 
  2. Make use of the associated reading and resources to supplement and deepen your learning.

  3. Complete all the self-evaluation and audit tasks and come back to them at regular intervals to ensure the training is influencing your practice.


Joanne Miles

In some schools, CPD just ‘happens’. Inset days are done, training is carried out, but staff either may not see the point of the training they’re engaged in, or there may be no long-term follow-through.

Even for more experienced CPD leaders, crafting a strategy that reconciles school priorities with individual staff development needs and does a good job of evaluating impact is not easy.

Aimed at experienced CPD leaders who are looking to refine their strategic planning, this course offers a self-study training route aimed at developing a truly outstanding CPD vision.

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Aims and outcomes

  • Equips you with the skills and resources needed to plan a long-term CPD cycle that is focused on maximum impact for learners.
  • Explains the role of effective coaching in CPD and the ingredients of successful coaching sessions.
  • Helps you to meaningfully evaluate the impact of CPD.
  • Helps you to make decisions on effective use of time and resources in your role – what will get the most impact for the least cost?

Getting started

Take me to the first unit, building an effective CPD strategy.