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There's excellent practice in almost every school – so what can we do to share it?

Research by Creemers and Kyriakides suggests that differences between classrooms in the same school are often larger than differences between schools. Helping to spread great teaching within schools and across schools therefore needs to be one of the top priorities of the CPD leader.

This unit is suitable for both new CPD leaders and those who want to refresh their skills – from directors of CPD and headteachers to teachers moving into a training role. It applies to both primary and secondary contexts too: if you're interested in planning and delivering CPD better, this is for you.

Most of the activities can be done online, but we also suggest opportunities for you to collaborate and discuss with colleagues.

Aims and outcomes

  • Find ways to effectively share practice that can impact back in the classroom.
  • Enable you to put into action a school culture where teachers talk about and show their teaching to each other.
  • Help you plan useful collaborative sessions with direction and purpose.
  • Use CPD to draw on collaborative approaches, which are often associated with improved outcomes.
  • Highlight how CPD will share what some of the great teachers in your school can do in a useful, rather than performative, way.
  • Show how CPD will positively contribute to individual teachers' engagement and motivation.

Unit content

Unit 3: Collaboration and sharing practice