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Professional development should be at the core of what schools do, but unfortunately, ineffective CPD is common.

Too often, 'doing' CPD is seen as the end goal, rather than the long-lasting changes in teachers' practice that CPD should ultimately enable.

The training is intended for CPD leaders to study themselves for their own personal and professional development.

Most of the activities can be done on screen, but we also suggest opportunities for you to collaborate and discuss with colleagues.

Aims and outcomes

  • Refresh your skills to plan and deliver better CPD in both primary and secondary contexts.
  • Identify the common pitfalls in CPD sessions and plan how to avoid them.
  • Define ways to differentiate for the needs of your colleagues.
  • Set up CPD tasks and plenary slots clearly and effectively through appropriate ‘trainer talk’.
  • Begin measuring the impact of CPD on practice and learning.
  • Provide CPD that supports learners’ improvement and teachers’ development in visible ways.
  • Ensure CPD is focused on participants’ needs and working context, so that it engages and motivates them to develop.
  • Effectively plan and deliver CPD so that staff receive a high-quality learning opportunity.

Unit content

Unit 2: Ineffective CPD and how to avoid it