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Self study

CPD Leadership: Essentials

CPD leaders have a crucial role in any school - but their own professional development is often neglected. This course covers delivering, planning and evaluating effective, high-impact training. 

How to use this programme

  1. These are self-study resources for you to work through at your own pace. Complete the core units over a term OR select individual units to target a specific issue. 
  2. Make use of the associated reading and resources to supplement and deepen your learning.

  3. Complete all the self-evaluation and audit tasks and come back to them at regular intervals to ensure the training is influencing your practice.


Joanne Miles

Why is it that in so many schools CPD is seen as an annoyance or even a distraction from the core business of classroom teaching?

And what can you do to ensure that CPD really does make an impact in your school, and successfully engages teachers?

Great teaching makes for great learning - so high-quality training could hardly be more important.

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Aims and outcomes

  • Equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to make training a success in your school.
  • Shows you what to avoid in CPD – and put an end to dull, dated, low-impact training sessions.
  • Offers practical activities for sharing good practice across your school, highlighting the success that is in every classroom.

Getting started

Take me to the first unit, moving from teacher to trainer.