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As participants develop as coaches, they will gather a number of tools that will help them to become ever more effective. The GROW model sets the framework for coaching and in many coaching situations effective use of this will provide great outcomes.

The tools in Units 5 and 6 provide additional strategies to use at various stages before, during and after the GROW model.

This unit looks at the first four of these tools:

A coaching record sheet - General 

The balance wheel - Pre-GROW
The rating scale - General
Experiencing the future – now! - Goal


Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • familiarise themselves with coaching tools that can be used at a variety of stages of the coaching process
  • understand how to use the tools
  • understand when to use the different tools
  • have practised using the tools and to feel comfortable with how they work.

Unit contents

  • Starter and the eight crucial coaching goals
  • Introducing tool 1: the coaching record sheet
  • Introducing tool 2: the balance wheel
  • Introducing tool 3: a rating scale
  • Introducing tool 4: experiencing the future – now!
  • Inter-unit activity and review

Unit content

Unit 5: Powerful coaching tools - part 1