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Becoming a great coach: goal and reality

It is impossible to become a great coach without practising coaching itself. This unit focuses on participants experiencing the coaching process in ‘triads’ from three points of view: being the coach, being the coachee, and being an observer.

The GROW model has four stages: Goal, Reality, Options and Will.

In this unit, participants will experience the goal and reality stages. In Unit 4, they will go on to the options and will stages.

Aims and outcomes

Participants will:

  • understand how the GROW model can support their development and practice as a coach
  • experience coaching from the point of view of being a coach, a coachee and an observer
  • practise using great coaching questions
  • understand the GROW model and to have experienced the goal and reality stages from the point of view of a coach, coachee and observer.

Unit contents

  • Starter and the GROW model structure
  • Practicing coaching in triads
  • Inter-unit activity and review