Study type: 
Group study

Coaching for Change

Equip your staff with the skills and tools to be successful coaches who impact upon whole-school improvement

How to use this course

This course comprises six units of around 90 minutes.

Run each unit as a series over the course of one or two terms to ensure they have the greatest impact on practice.

This course is suitable for use with all members of staff.

Author and trainer

Tony Swainston

Equip your school staff with the skills and tools they need to be successful coaches and show them how to use these skills to impact upon whole-school improvement.

This course provides participants with a clear understanding of what coaching is, how it can be used powerfully as a force for constructive change and how to use the different tools of coaching most effectively.  People who are trained can coach each other, their colleagues and pupils – helping to fulfill their own and others’ potential.

Coaching for Change will give participants the skills to:

  • support others’ growth through use of high level listening, questioning, reflecting and summarizing
  • structure coaching conversations using the GROW model and other coaching tools
  • apply their skills in other contexts, such as tackling behaviour issues or difficult professional relationships
  • help colleagues and pupils reach their full potential by replacing limiting beliefs with positive realistic beliefs
  • drive whole-school improvement using coaching skills to get the best from teachers and pupils.

Written by coaching and leadership expert Tony Swainston, this course contains practical tools and activities to get participant quickly involved in the coaching process.