Now that performance links so closely with pay, it has never been more crucial that you have robust appraisal and capability procedures in your school. Ensuring that all appraisers are trained to carry out their role consistently and effectively is central to creating a fair system which is supported by teachers and senior leaders alike.

Written by deputy headteacher Josephine Smith, this course contains tried and tested best practice advice which has been proven to develop robust appraisal and capability procedures.

Aims and outcomes

  • The school is fully aware of its statutory teacher appraisal duties, which have been effective since September 2012.
  • Governors and the senior leadership team understand capability regulations and are able to implement them when necessary.
  • Governors and the senior leadership team are aware of the changes needed and can revise school policy on appraisal and capability to suit the school’s own circumstances.

Course content

  • Unit 1: Teacher appraisal and capability regulation
    • Unit 2: Setting targets
      • Unit 3: Monitoring progress
        • Unit 4: Reviewing progress
          • Unit 5: Challenging underperformance
            • Unit 6: Linking school improvement and appraisal


              Josephine Smith is head of a secondary school within a MAT in Lincolnshire. She was previously a vice principal and head of English and director of Key Stage 4 in schools in Leicestershire and Rutland.
              Josephine holds NPQH, is a Research...