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This final unit asks participants to present their second research cycle findings to the group through a poster presentation. Each will have uncovered new strategies for improving classroom practice, but may also have questions about what did not go to plan.

Participants will feedback on each other’s findings, allowing for a discussion about developing the outcomes of the research cycles. This will be followed by a discussion about how to develop action research on a wider scale to become a tool for school improvement.

Participants will now have the skills and experience to intervene on other ‘niggles’ through action research, allowing classroom teaching improvements to continue.

  • Present findings: share results of the second research cycle.
  • Support colleagues’ research: help build extra dimensions to their posters and findings.
  • Consider how to embed new practice: discuss how individual findings can improve teaching and learning throughout the school.
  • Consider future action research: think about developing action research in the school and supporting future projects.

Unit contents

  • Overviews
  • Findings from action research cycles 1
  • Building on findings 1
  • Findings from action research cycles 2
  • Building on findings 2
  • Progress marker
  • The point of action research
  • Making use of evidence
  • Embedding action research
  • Review/preview



Unit content

Unit 5: What's next?