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Every aspect of school improvement requires self-evaluation. Following on from the previous two units which prepared participants for their second research cycle, Unit 4 facilitates discussion and reflection on what was successful and where there are areas of improvement.

Allow your whole school to benefit from research by evaluating results effectively. Evaluating and disseminating findings will ensure that, when they are shared, colleagues can make sense of the results and adapt them to their own teaching practice.

By the end of this unit, participants will have begun to prepare a presentation of their findings for the next unit.

Aims and outcomes

  • Evaluate findings: review the impact of the two action research cycles and how effectively the intervention addressed the participants’ initial ‘niggle’.
  • Disseminate findings: know how to spread the results of the findings and implement them across the school, or more broadly if required.
  • Extend existing knowledge base: effectively share findings with the school so staff and pupils can benefit.

Unit contents

  • Initial task
  • Overviews
  • Progress marker
  • Evaluating impact and disseminating findings
  • Evaluating your impact and findings
  • Review/preview

Unit content

Unit 4: Evaluating your research