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One of the most important elements of research is planning ahead. In order to conduct thoroughly effective research, establishing the focus and method of your project before you start is crucial.

At this point in the training, participants should have a good idea about their research focus. Unit 3 will equip them with the necessary skills to plan the structure of a second research cycle. They will choose the research methods that are best for gathering clear and relevant results for their focus area.

This second research cycle will act as an intervention where participants research a way of amending the initial ‘niggle’ from their first cycle, essentially asking ‘What happens if …?’.

aims and outcomes

  • Present findings from previous research: share the elements of existing research that were particularly interesting or relevant in order to identify any gaps that could be filled.
  • Consider interventions and methods: determine what route of research to follow and how best to collect the data.
  • Establish how to measure impact: decide whether the subject matter requires quantitative or qualitative methods for clearer and more useful results.
  • Identify sources of support: additional support may be necessary throughout the research process, so knowing where to go is key.
  • Plan and embark on a second research cycle.

Unit contents

  • Overviews
  • Research statements
  • Progress marker
  • Existing research findings
  • Planning the second action research cycle
  • Intervention of second action research cycle
  • Collecting data for second action research cycle
  • Measuring the impact of intervention
  • Required additional support
  • Review/preview

Unit content

Unit 3: Planning and running your project