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Unit 2 establishes how to use the information gathered from the participants’ first research cycle.

They will review their findings and plan an intervention that seeks to improve the researched issue.

They will consider possible research questions, the ethical issues involved and the impact of previous research on their own research question.

This unit will encourage participants to see their area of interest within their school improvement plan, in that it builds personal capacity to identify areas for development and make changes to their classroom practice.

Aims and outcomes

  • Share research outcomes: each participant will be able to discuss what they researched in their initial cycle and any results gathered.
  • Identify an intervention: based on findings, each participant will seek to propose a method of improvement to explore.
  • Form research questions: identify the most effective wording in order to conduct focused research.
  • Understand ethics: note any issues in conducting research that may cause harm in any way.
  • Consider previous research: locate and make sense of previous research in order to see what has already been studied and where there are gaps of knowledge.

Unit contents

  • Overviews
  • Elevator speech
  • Progress marker
  • Action research cycle one: outcomes
  • Focusing on a second research cycle
  • Planning the second research cycle
  • Research questions
  • Ethical considerations
  • Locating existing research findings
  • Review/preview



Unit content

Unit 2: Suitable topics of research