Study type: 
Group study

Action Research for Improved Classroom Teaching

Practical training materials that support your colleagues to improve teaching and learning through classroom-based research 

How to use this course

This course comprises five units which guide participants through two action research cycles.

Each unit lasts 90 minutes with a recommended gap of 3 weeks between them.

Participants are expected to conduct action research cycles within their own classroom time and share findings at each stage.

Author and trainer

David Leat

Anna Reid

Action research enables teachers to reflect on what they would like to change, explore what others are doing in that field and experiment with practice in a controlled fashion. As busy teachers, the opportunity to take a step back from the daily grind is a welcome one.

Encourage the uptake of action research projects in your school by equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge around how to run a great research project. This course will enable you to:

  • teach and guide staff through research cycles: offer a step-by-step guide for colleagues on how to successfully facilitate an effective action research project
  • encourage engagement in CPD: embed a culture of improvement underpinned by teacher-led evidence
  • share results: successfully share outcomes of action research projects with your whole school community.

Written by experienced practitioners Anna Reid and Professor David Leat, this course will teach you how to conduct action research in the classroom to successfully improve outcomes.