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Metacognitive and self-regulation skills will increase pupil progress across the school. Research indicates that improving pupils’ metacognitive and self-regulation skills (that is, ‘learning to learn’) helps accelerate their progress, as well as leading to greater motivation and independence.

How do you embed the development of these skills in your teaching? How do you teach an understanding of how to learn and what to do when learning is not straightforward?

Although you are using the self-study version which can be completed at a time to suit you, it is also worth making suggestions for peer-to-peer sharing. Is your study part of whole school policy and action? If it is possible for you to complete the unit with a colleague – either in person or by comparing notes, you will have the benefit of being able to share ideas and discuss your experiences. Similarly, take time to discuss with senior leaders how your learning and development can benefit the school more widely and inform school policy and practice.

aims and outcomes

  • Understand what is meant by metacognition and how it applies to everyday life.
  • Appreciate the importance of motivation in metacognition and self-regulation.
  • Understand that metacognition is as much about learning culture and climate as it is about teaching strategies and tools for planning and problem solving.
  • Practise reflection (on your learning from the unit).

Unit content

Unit 1: What is metacognition?