Time management toolkit

Time is the biggest enemy. This toolkit offers a range of expert advice and resources on effective time management for you and your team

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Alex Masters is a writer and content editor. A former teacher, she is interested in all things education-related, with a particular focus on school business management, HR and innovation.

This time management toolkit includes:

  • the prioritisation matrix to help you prioritise your daily tasks
  • advice on delegating and how to say ‘No!’
  • advice on effective planning using the LEADS method
  • top 39 tips on effective time-management
  • templates to help you work with your ‘comfort-stretch-panic’ zones
  • activities to help you understand your needs and generate ‘me time’


The art of delegation

Our webinar with Nickii Messer will develop your understanding of how to delegate effectively to empower others using the INVEST strategy and prioritise tasks to decide where best to focus your time. 

LIsten to the webinar


Last Updated: 
28 Feb 2017