A-Z of Special Needs for Every Teacher


Front Cover
Early years, Primary, KS1, KS2, Secondary, KS3, KS4, Post-16
Nov 2008


A-Z of Special Needs: For Every Teacher (2nd edition) provides a comprehensive reference of special educational needs information and conditions for anyone involved in working with children with learning difficulties or disabilities.


A-Z of Special Needs: For Every Teacher (2nd edition) has been completely updated to include substantial new additions in each section as well as full cross-referencing. A truly indispensable reference tool for every setting.

Summary of contents

From the writers of the best-selling A-Z of Special Needs,this exciting second editions one of our best-selling resources, simply flying-off the shelves ever since its publication.

A-Z Special Needs: For Every Teacher (2nd Edition) is an invaluable, quick and comprehensive guide to SEN that includes:

  • a comprehensive glossary of definitions, terms and acronyms used by practitioners working with pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • a clear guide to the barriers to learning likely to be encountered by mainstream class teachers or tutors. Each condition or syndrome is given a general description, followed by a breakdown of its main characteristics and an extensive range of practical support strategies to suit pupils of all ages
  • a Who’s Who? with detailed descriptions of the roles of professionals working within multi-agency settings
  • proformas designed to support the work of the SENCO as well as the class teacher. These easy-to-use templates will help you to simplify the process of recording individuals needs and progress
  • an A-Z of the contact details of support groups for all barriers to learning listed
  • special needs resources in an A-Z of publishers and resources, software publishers and equipment suppliers
  • an A-Z of useful websites.

Chapter breakdown

  • Introduction
  • A-Z Jargonbuster
  • Glossary of SEN acronyms and terminology
  • Learning difficulties and disabilities
  • SEN conditions and syndromes (characteristics and support strategies)
  • Differentiation
  • Practical ways to match learning activities to needs
  • Developing learning skills
  • Learning skills and ways to strengthen them
  • Who’s who?
  • SEN professionals and what they do
  • SEN support groups
  • For SEN conditions and syndromes
  • A-Z resources
  • A-Z publishers of SEN books, software and other resources
  • Websites
  • SEN proformas


This is a great resource to keep handy in schools. A good quick reference guide for any teacher to gather information on a wide range of needs. We would not be without ours.


A useful book for SENCOs   28 January 2011

This is a good book which gives a very thorough grounding in the various strategies and approaches that can be used to improve the teaching provision for children with a wide range of disabilities. It was a little too detailed for my needs - I was looking for more of a quick summative guide. However I'm sure others would find it very useful, and it's definitely worth the money.

Zara DiMarco


Paperback, 297 x 228, 220 Pages. Published 30/11/2008


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