Secondary Sustainability Assemblies: 40 assemblies to promote environmental awareness


Secondary Sustainability Assemblies
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Jun 2011


Secondary Sustainability Assemblies is the perfect resource to accompany the work your school currently does to tackle the issues surrounding sustainability and the environment. Its 40 ready-to-use assemblies have been selected around the four themes of:

  • This small and delicate planet
  • Use or abuse?
  • Humans and nature
  • Making it personal.

Each assembly also includes a ‘Something to think about’ section which is designed to explore the issues raised in the assembly more deeply and a ‘Something to do’ activity. These are suggestions for practical activities based on the themes of each assembly, and can be used in a variety of contexts – appropriate subject lessons such as geography, tutor groups or whatever suits your setting.

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These assemblies are designed to help empower young people to live more sustainable lives and, like all educational activities in school, should be used to help young people both understand the world in which they live and change it for the better.

Secondary Sustainability Assemblies is a comprehensive resource that will:

  • raise young people’s awareness of the environmental issues facing our world today
  • help them to reflect upon the possible causes and effects of these issues
  • assist them in making the link between their own behaviour and environmental impact
  • assist them individually, socially, and in their own school context to develop more sustainable lifestyles which will themselves be sustainable into adulthood.

Summary of contents

Secondary Sustainability Assemblies is an invaluable resource designed to encourage your students to take an interest in sustainability and to get them to think more carefully about their own everyday actions and the impact that these have on the world around them. These assemblies explore the extent to which environmental issues may be considered as physical and scientific issues as well as whether there is a spiritual and moral dimension to the issues of sustainability.

Secondary Sustainability Assemblies is accompanied by a CD-Rom with striking photographic PowerPoint presentations for each assembly.

Secondary Sustainability Assemblies will:

  • introduce issues of sustainability and the environment to your whole school
  • save you time, as most assemblies require only brief preparation
  • help your colleagues share the responsibility of giving assemblies by providing supportive and accessible resources
  • actively involve students in presenting assemblies
  • enable students to reflect on what they are doing and what they can do to live more sustainable lives.

Chapter breakdown

These assemblies cover a broad range of sustainability issues, focusing in on local community matters as well the broader issues of the global environment: food and drink, energy and water, travel and traffic, purchasing and waste, buildings and grounds, inclusion and participation, local wellbeing and the global dimension.

Part 1: This small and delicate planet

This section introduces the notion of environmental responsibility and our relationship with the planet which sustains us.

  • Our home planet
  • A changing world
  • A fragile planet
  • A delicate balance
  • The land
  • The sea
  • The air
  • Rivers
  • Natural places
  • Does nature have a spiritual dimension?

Part 2: Use or abuse?

This section explores the extent to which our use of planetary resources is sustainable.

  • Using energy
  • Fossil energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Using the land: agriculture
  • Using the land: forestry
  • Human expansion
  • Ocean diversity
  • Using the air: on the flight path
  • Getting around
  • Re: cycling

Part 3: Human and nature

This section explores the tension between human activity and nature.

  • Whose world is it?
  • Engineering the plant world
  • Human population expansion
  • Human environmental casualties
  • The economics of the environment
  • The environmental impact of animal products
  • Changing habitats
  • Disappearing world
  • The big event
  • The real cost of a summer holiday

Part 4: Making it personal

  • Sustainable school dinners
  • An energy efficient school
  • The school run
  • Schools’ rubbish
  • Smart schools
  • Fair schools
  • The centre of the community
  • Looking outwards
  • A sustainable personal life
  • Imagine a world…


Only available as an eBook

What is an eBook? An eBook is electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device. This eBook is in PDF format and can be shared with your colleagues.


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