Role of the SENCO: an Insider's Guide


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Jun 2010


‘Gareth takes us through a year’s cycle as ‘Director of Curriculum Support’. He doesn’t only tell us what he does – and this is awe inspiring – he gives us the thinking and study behind his ‘strategic role’.
Professor Klaus Wedell

This inspirational new eBook is based on a collection of real diary entries. Written in an informal, personal style, it provides:

  • an insight into what is involved in the role of SENCO (inclusion manager, director of curriculum support, etc)
  • a supportive starting point for considering and dealing with some of the issues covered by the role
  • practical tools and tips for adapting and sharing in your school
  • a personal viewpoint throughout, to show how one SENCO is carrying out this vital role effectively and with success.

Only available as an eBook

What is an eBook? An eBook is electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device. This eBook is in PDF format and can be shared with your colleagues.


Through stories of real-life experiences and practical tools, Role of the SENCO: an Insider's Guide will help to:

  • save you time
  • clarify your thinking
  • help you to frame and structure plans, discussions or policies
  • give you ideas for training, recruitment and inclusive activities
  • support you with Gareth's own experiences as SENCO
  • help you through difficult situations and days
  • inspire you to keep going and get better and better
  • ultimately improve the provision for vulnerable students.

Chapter breakdown

Nurture Group
New staff training
Learning from a colleague
Deep learning day: enterprise
Distributed leadership
‘Reasonable adjustment’ and definition of disability
Inclusive celebration

Transition into Year 7
Deep learning day: Europe
How to be outstanding!
Careers for individuals with autism spectrum conditions
Deep learning day: fireworks!

Training new SENCOs
Child protection in action
Deep learning day: the Countryside Code
Speech and language therapy students on placement

Ofsted inspection: Every Child Matters and vulnerable groups
SEN diagnosis
School visitors
End of year celebrations

Dealing with students’ medication
Teaching happiness
Clinical research and the classroom
Research opportunities and the new National Award
Developing occupational therapy

Personal, learning and thinking skills of the SENCO
Starting a career: NQTs
Dealing with stress at work
Attachment disorder training

Engaging parents and carers through technology
Raising achievement with our Nurture Group
Reviewing ADHD care pathways
What is personalised learning and is it worth it?
Optimising learning opportunities through non-teaching roles

Promoting awareness of autism
Consultant appointments for children with SEN
The value of humour
Thinking in pictures

A stressful and hopeful day
Exam season
How to build a strong evidence base
Specific learning difficulties and courses of action
Exclusion and SEN
Comments on the Lamb and Steer reports
Fixed-term exclusion

Attachment training in practice
Developing inclusion through international links
Meeting tips
School trips
Selecting the right support staff for inclusion
Transition preparation
Transition – Year 5
Transition – Year 6

Autism: ‘refrigerator mothers’ and misdiagnosis
Autism: my latest thinking
Multi-agency meetings
Transition – the new Year 7
Transition morning
Reviewing the progress of our Nurture Group

List of sheets

Nurture Group admission criteria checklist
Nurture Group timetable and learning schedule
Training and CPD schedule
Outline of slides for inset presentation for new staff
Careers discussion with students with autism spectrum conditions
What is differentiation?
Managing medication in schools
Sample medical provision plan
Nurture Group interim review form
Exam access arrangements process
International professional development
Teaching assistant selection process: sample schedule
Teaching assistant selection process: observation form for practical tasks
Teaching assistant selection process: sample written tasks
Teaching assistant selection process: sample interview matrix
Nurture Group end of year report
Nurture Group parent/carer questionnaire


Only available as an eBook

What is an eBook? An eBook is electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device. This eBook is in PDF format and can be shared with your colleagues.



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