Reducing stress and challenging behaviour through low arousal: a whole-school approach


Reducing stress and challenging behaviour through low arousal ebook
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Sep 2019


Quite often when considering how to manage behaviour, schools and educational settings have a strong focus on reactionary systems and fixed ‘medicalised’ processes.

This training course looks to change the focus of traditional approaches. By drawing on over fifty years’ worth of combined research and practical experience, it offers a unique, whole-school approach to reducing stress and challenging behaviour.

A key element of the low arousal approach is the notion of proactively reducing demands which are sources of stress for the individual, thus enabling individuals to engage in coping mechanisms as a means of self-regulation. This may seem counter-intuitive, especially as it can involve ‘allowing’ a person to engage in behaviour that may have formerly been viewed negatively.

The low arousal approach is based on an understanding of ‘flow states’, which are achieved through repetitive and engaging activities, and are associated with decreased arousal and reduced levels of stress.

By building your understanding of low arousal and how it can be used to manage stress, inform classroom pedagogy and underpin a whole-school approach, this training course is a truly flexible resource that can be easily adapted and personalised for different settings and circumstances.

Well-referenced and grounded in a strong research and practice base, this course can help transform approaches and improve outcomes for all young people.

How to use this course

This training is suitable for any professional or practitioner working in a school or educational setting. Its principles can also be adapted to support families or individuals within home or care settings.


  • Assistant head
  • Classroom teacher
  • Deputy head
  • Designated safeguarding lead
  • Early years professional
  • Head of year
  • Head teacher
  • More able lead
  • PSHE coordinator
  • Teaching Assistant

Duration: 4-5 hours


  • Learn about the low arousal approach and how it can improve outcomes for young people, staff and families.
  • Understand more about stress and how we can support ourselves.
  • Improve classroom pedagogy with regard to effective feedback and metacognition.
  • Challenge thinking about whole school systems and policies.

Summary of contents

Unit 1: Understanding stress and emotional regulation

Unit 2: What is Low Arousal and what does it mean to me?

Unit 3: Understanding and applying an inclusive classroom pedagogy

Unit 4: Developing a whole-school approach: being strategic about moving from crisis management into proactive planning


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