More Favourite Assemblies KS1


More Favourite Assemblies KS1
Oct 2006


More Favourite Assemblies KS1 is a collection of assemblies for KS1 primary pupils, divided into accessible themes. They are a selection of our most popular assemblies from the Primary Assembly File.




The assembly books will:
  • Help you plan – you can plan your year’s cycle of assemblies well in advance
  • Save you time – you will only need to take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with each assembly.
The assemblies in these collections will enable you to:
  • Engage pupils’ interest
  • Encourage pupils to reflect on their own moral, social and cultural development
  • Develop specific lines of discussion in class, encouraging pupils to respond to the subjects covered.


Summary of contents

A collection of assemblies bringing you the best from the Primary Assembly File

The assemblies in this collection are divided into accessible themes and can be used with minimal preparation.

Chapter breakdown

Theme Food

Currant bun
Do you like Brussels sprouts?
Making ice cream
Where milk comes from
Why are they called chickpeas?

Theme Living things

Seeds in the classroom
Waiting for rain
Tulip fields
Growing our food
Morning on the farm

Theme Being responsible

The wrong trousers
How can we help?
Have a rest, Mum
Carrying my stuff to school

Theme Pets

Avalanche dog
Hamster tragedy
Taking the dog for a walk

Theme Special people

Thomas Barnardo
Pushing the chair
Joseph and his coat of many colours
Guru Gobind Singh and the donkey

Theme Special days

Big sister’s wedding
A birthday present for Mum
Corinne’s in a play

Theme Friendship
My best friend
Falling out
Sharing toys
Making room for new people
Dinosaur dreaming

Theme Growing up
A good winner
Pushing and shoving
Dad’s a cleaner
My feelings
Coming in from work

Theme Let’s talk about it
Talking in class
Taking without asking
Being bossy
Controlling my temper
Saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’


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