Learning Spanish through Fairy Tales: A thinking skills approach for primary schools


Learning Spanish through Fairy Tales
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Jul 2013


‘The fairy tales offer an exciting visual experience as well as opportunities for the children to hear native speakers. As a non-specialist teacher I found them extremely beneficial in aiding my own language skills and in helping both me and the children identify language patterns.’

Susan Rainford, West Tyne First Schools Federation and Outreach Consultant

Learning Spanish through Fairy Tales offers an interactive and fun approach to learning Spanish through two familiar tales, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Billy Goats Gruff. This resource makes best use of children’s language acquisition skills while they are at their peak in a way that is fun, engaging, effective – and easy on the teacher.


This ebook provides a colourful, engaging and easy way to access Spanish. It will enable you to:

  • teach quality Spanish lessons without being a Spanish speaker
  • help your pupils to gain a deep and satisfying understanding of language rather than an arbitrary collection of topic phrases
  • give your pupils ownership of their learning of a new language and equip them with language tools for their future
  • make language learning fun and memorable for your pupils.

Summary of contents

This practical resource will enable you to:

  • teach language in an intuitive way whereby pupils are not relying on memory alone, but solving problems, thinking, making links, looking for patterns
  • know how to ask probing questions which will enable pupils to learn the concepts behind language acquisition
  • teach language through a resource bank of thinking tools which allow learning to be active, meaningful, challenging and collaborative.

This resource includes:

  • a teacher’s guide taking you through the principles underpinning the resource and getting you started
  • a resource pack containing 15 classroom-based activities relating to each of the tales.

Chapter breakdown

Teacher’s guide

The teacher’s guide introduces you to the resource, explaining the different elements and how they are designed to be used.


  • Understand the background to the thinking skills approach and how it works well with language teaching.• Know how to get going using the animations and the associated activities.

Colour printable version of each fairy tale

Each page from the animation is produced here with the narration beneath for reference, giving the tale in traditional book form.


  • Follow the tale in book format.
  • Reproduce copies if desired.

Thinking skills activities to accompany the tales

Fifteen thinking skills activities to accompany each of the two fairy tales.


  • Activities such as card sorts, storyboarding, visual mapping engage pupils in deep learning of language that will lead to more sophisticated learning and skills transferable to learning of other languages
  • Use familiar tales to open new learning.
  • Engage pupils in active and collaborative work that will facilitate meaningful learning.


The fairy tales are animated and come with accompanying audio read by a native Spanish speaker. Alongside the animations and audio are numerous thinking skills activities to extend children’s ability to link sounds and recognise relationships between groups of words and practise speaking Spanish themselves. You do not need to be a Spanish speaker to use this resource, just willing to learn alongside your class!


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